KOOKi Formal

Our formal dresses and gowns have captured the hearts of many ladies regardless of races. Being our bestseller category, our in house Designing team focus only on high quality fabrics to produce designs that are timeless and suitable for our customers and most importantly at an affordable price.

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KOOKi Oriental

Simple and timeless, our cheongsam are made from carefully handpicked high quality fabrics. Our designs are made to bring out the exuberance and youthfulness in the wearer regardless of her age.

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KOOKi Muslimah

in collaboration with Freya Legacy, we have came out with some timeless pieces of Muslimah designs to cater to the needs of our Muslims KOOKi lovers.

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Fast Fashion

Bringing to you the lastest fashion trends with good quality fast fashion at affordable prices. We only focus on limited quantities of fast fashion pieces as trends changes every season, so does our clothing. Our philosophy on fast fashion is value for quality.

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Maternity Wear

Our maternity wear has found the way into the hearts of many expectant mothers as well as voluptuous ladies. With our creative twists and trendy silhouette, we combine the glow of motherhood with the chic and the sassy.

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