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As the brainchild of one of the pioneers in the wholesale clothing industry in Malaysia, the Kooki brand is committed to bringing the latest and voguish fashion directly to our customers. In short, our mission is to set you on the edgiest and youthful side of town.

Kooki was founded by the Directors of Karib Fashion Marketing Sdn. Bhd. in 1988 and has since made an impact in the local fashion setting. Ranging from clothing to accessories, our products are largely well received in East Malaysia and the Peninsula. Since its inception, Kooki fashion products have conquered international borders, garnering demands from Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and even Australia.

At Kooki, we believe fashion should not be restricted by age, hence our Designing unit aims to provide you styles which are ageless. Holding firm to our philosophy that every product produced must be sellable, our designers survey the most fashionable markets in the Orient region – China, Japan and Korea – as well as the local scene to bring you what you want.

From casual to elegance, petite to curvaceous, our clothing and accessories are designed for all. Being our bestselling product, our maternity wear has found the way into the hearts of many expectant mothers as well as voluptuous ladies. With creative twists and trendy flavour, we combine the glow of motherhood with the chic and the sassy.

As an item of fashion is akin to the icon and identity of self, Kooki provides a wide array of products to be openly interpreted by our customers. Instead of letting the fashion decide you, we let you decide the fashion. Kooki will be presenting to you our latest subsidiary – Kooki Elite, bringing the classy and the sophisticated to your doorstep in Kenanga Wholesale City, Kuala Lumpur.